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Areas served: Northern and Central Valley, Utah, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado.

Custom printed and manufactured bags or plain stock size Bulk Bags or Poly Woven bags, Leno Bags, delivered from our vast inventory. Sacramento Bag Mfg. Co. will deliver as promised, on time, and with a high quality product.

Your order becomes our top priority when you choose Sacramento Bag Co.

We guarantee that our bags will perform as required.

We have quality products in stock, at competitive prices, with the ability to deliver based on your needs!

Our team of Industry veterans, with vast industry knowledge and experience will get you what you need.

We stand ready to manufacture and print your order.


  • Bulk Bags – printed or plain
  • Leno Mesh Bags – printed or plain
  • Burlap bags – printed or plain
  • Woven Poly bags – printed or plain
  • Poly Liners
  • Clear Poly Bags – printed or plain
  • Poly Paper Bags – printed or plain
  • PP Woven Sand bags- printed or plain
  • Poly sheeting – clear or black
  • Crop ground cover (Spun bond)
  • Erosion control fabrics             
  • Construction fabrics

Products Application:

  • Almond, Pistachio, Fertilizer, Sand, Soils, Rice, Beans
  • Onions, Potato, Garlic, Citrus, Avocado
  • Potato, Turnips, Grains, Seed, Beans, Rice
  • Grains, Seed, Beans, Rice, Nuts
  • Bulk Bin Liners, Bulk Bag Liners
  • Decorative rock, wood chips, fertilizer, soils
  • Grains, alfalfa pallets etc
  • Flood protection, Landscaping & Construction use
  • Crop protection, Construction fabric
  • Weed retardant, clean grow Crop and Harvest
  • Protects erosion prone earth surfaces and new construction               
  • Site fencing, Silt control, safety fencing, shade and security fencing materials. CAL TRANS approved.


We can supply you with the necessary certifications and reports needed for QAI and GFSI audits for the products we sell you.

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Toll Free Ph: (800) 287-BAGS [800-287-2247]
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