Sacramento Bag...we make bags of every kind and shape!

Sacramento Bag Manufacturing has your bags! You name it... produce bags,bulk bags, mesh, cotton, PE, textile,burlap, sand bags, poly, and many, many more. Featuring erosion control, landscape, nursery, and construction textiles of all kinds. If you need bags, we've got every type of textile bag you could need!

bags of every kind and shape

Sacramento Bag

Bags and textile products of every kind. We make onion bags, potato bags, orange bags, rice bags, vexar bags, garlic bags, sand bags, burlap bags. We sell bags made of cotton, mesh, poly, PE, burlap, plastic,  you name it! We also specialize in all types of landscape and erosion control products. We have the new Gobagger.. now one man can fill sand bags instead of two...

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We have your solution in the bag...

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Acme Bag Company is pleased to announce the recent merger of the Acme MacKenzie Nursery Supply division of our business with Cherokee Mfg., Inc., resulting in the formation of our new company, Cherokee Mfg. LLC.

This new entity is now the largest manufacturer of wire baskets for the nursery industry in North America, and imports burlap and other products to support the horticultural grower.

Please explore this link to see all that Cherokee has to offer.

Acme Bag continues to participate in the flexible packaging market on the west coast, servicing the agricultural, environmental and horticultural markets with an array of high-quality, imported products, sourced from leading manufacturers in their respective industries from around the world.

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